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The Journey

Tell me all about it

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Who am I?

How happy can I be?

Can I really have the life I want

What is my purpose?

How do I overcome these obstacles

This program has been designed to
help women to

  • Become more confident

  • Believe in yourself

  • Cope with challenging life situations 

  • Identify your purpose, passions, goals, and dreams 

  • Learn to live a life of gratitude and positivity

  • Build relationships with other supportive women

  • Conquer our fears,

  • Believe in our dreams,

  • Take action

How The Program Works

I AM: Journey has been developed so that it can fit into your lifestyle, regardless of how busy or overwhelmed you feel.  If you are making excuses as to why you don't have the time, money, or worthiness to do this program, it's exactly why you should join. 


This program WILL fit into your life.  You will pick and choose the features of the program and have the leniency to work at your own pace and go back to previous lessons.  You have 3 months to work the 10 lessons.  Everything is optional; we all transform in our unique manner - so you will pick and choose what makes sense for you.  

  • 10 Video Lessons 

  • Worksheets and Guidance

  • Optional Crafts to Bring the Lesson to your family

  • Monthly Live Zoom Coaching

  • Private Support Group and Tribe 

  • Suggested Reading List

The Program

The first phase of the program is all about taking inventory and becoming aware.  It is an introduction to some basic tools that have the possibility to dramatically improve your life. 


As you go through each lesson, we encourage you to involve your family and friends.  There are so many positive tools will learn that can help those around you!  

You will walk out of the first phase feeling like you finally have an idea of where you truly are and possibly of where you want to go!  



  • I AM: Aware; Learn the value of focus

  • I AM: Awake; Learn how to transform your day

  • I AM: Grateful; Learn how to cope and thrive

  • I AM: Impeccable with My Word; Change the way you show up

  • I AM: Open to Vision; Open your mind to possibilities

  • I AM: Capable of Loving; Strengthen your relationships

  • I AM: Healthy; Step into your confidence

  • I AM: Wealthy; Face your finances head on

  • I AM: (Blank); Controlling your lives outcome

  • I AM: Doing My Best; Learning relaxation through love



After you become aware of where you are in your life.... we can start to discover where we WANT to go.  We dive deeper into more subjects and work discovering what our true and most desired path is!  How do we treat ourselves?  How are we showing up for life and to the loved ones around us? 

It's time to start discovering who we are and where we want to go.  Not based off of what others think and do... but instead based off of our true inner desires! 


  • I AM: Awake; Clearing through breath

  • I AM: Worthy; Owning the beauty of yourself

  • I AM: Choosing My Tribe; How the relationships in your life are affecting you

  • I AM: Delighted to Say No; Boundaries can change your life

  • I AM: Courageous; Clear time and space with new habits

  • I AM: the Author of My Next Chapter; Owning your life

  • I AM: Releasing; Let go of energy that is not serving you

  • I AM: Delighted to Say Yes; New experiences lead to more passion

  • I AM: Confident; Own your being!

  • I AM: Ready to Take Action; What's next?  Let's find out.  



The final phase of I AM: Journey is where we start to truly write the story we have always envisioned for our life.  "The Dream Life"  awaits you.  Phase 2 helps us clear and declutter our minds so that we create space  and can discover our most important direction and goals.  Phase 1 armed us with the tools to be able to survive and thrive through life challenges.  With these abilities under our belt; we are ready to CREATE!

Phase 3 will help us identify our first dream  or dreams to pursue and then we literally MAKE THEM HAPPEN.  


​Building Blocks

  • I Choose; Deciding your first project!

  • I Choose: Clarity; Identifying the big picture

  • I Choose: The Details; Creating the executable plan

  • I Choose: Belief; Owning your decision through belief.

  • I Choose: Joy in the Journey; Learn the essential lesson of joy in the journey. 

  • I Choose: Celebration; Learn the value of celebration

Booster Lessons

  • I AM: (Blank); Controlling your lives outcome

  • I AM: Doing My Best; Learning relaxation through love


Each lesson offers you the opportunity to explore your creative side!  This is a great way to reinforce the lesson while having fun.  We also encourage you to come together with others for the crafts.  Get your kids involved.  They will not only value from having a mom who is becoming more loving, patient, devoted and successful, but they will benefit from the lessons as well!  Have your friends over to help them explore the ideas.  Or you can even reach out in the I AM: Journey group and gather with the other women in the Journey!  

Creative Energy

We believe all women can embrace who they are
can define their future and can change the world

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