The Journey

I AM:...?????. What exactly AM I!!??? We found out this was a question women were asking themselves So here we are. Ready to help you discover the answer for YOU!


This program has been designed to help women to become more confident, to believe in themselves, identify their purpose, passions, goals, and dreams in their lives, as well as learning to live a life of gratitude and positivity. As our lives continue to become busier, we need to have others around that will support, encourage, and help us to conquer our fears, believe in our dreams, and take action to . Having a group of women to talk to and dream with, helps us to expand our thoughts, our dreams, and truly reach our goals. ​


I AM: Journey is a unique experience - unlike anything you have ever heard of.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Phase 1: AWARE

The first phase of the program is all about taking an inventory.  Where are we really standing in our lives at this moment?  Are we aware and present?  Do we have focus and drive?  How do we show up for others?  What is our languaging and love like?  Do we have any idea of our true dreams and passions and if so, what are we currently doing to pursue them?  

You will walk out of the first phase feeling like you finally have an idea of where you truly are and possibly of where you want to go!  

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Phase 2: Discovery

After you become aware of where you are in your life.... we can start to discover where we WANT to go.  We dive deeper into more subjects and work discovering what our true and most desired path is!  How do we treat ourselves?  How are we showing up for life and to the loved ones around us? 

It's time to start discovering who we are and where we want to go.  Not based off of what others think and do... but instead based off of our true inner desires! 

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Phase 3: Creating

We don't want to give it all away... JUST WAIT!!!  Coming in January 2021!!

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When you join I AM: Journey you have three different ways to participate.   You may need to rock through the journey on your own at your pace - check out Self Exploration.... or maybe you prefer to be online but you are excited to meet a community of like minded women - check our Online Tribe!  Finally we have our in person tribes that can be created through current communities of women PLUS we will reach out to expand in your area!  You will choose this after you register for the program to pick what is right for you!!


Working the program in Self Exploration means that you will literally take each phase and lesson at your own pace.  You work the lesson until you are ready to move on.  You can join any of the online live meetings and interact in the group

Online Tribe

Our online tribes meet online for every lesson.  You can come together before the lesson starts for conversation, community, while enjoying your own appetizers and drinks - this is your ME TIME!!  You will then each watch the lesson and finally you come back together online!!  If it is a creative week you will chat as you each individually create.  If it is a journal week you will all come together and discuss how the lesson impacts you!   You can participate from anywhere and STILL create an amazing tribe!!

In Person Tribe

Our local tribes will come together 5 times throughout the phase.  You can take turns hosting with your community, family and friends OR one person can host each time.  We encourage you to come together at 6:30 for food and drinks.  Watch the lesson together 7-8.  Finally CREATE from 8-9 while you laugh and bond!!   You will be given the weekly material list for each craft or you can simplify and get the "Creative Pack" so you have all tools on hand!!

I AM: Journey

We work with groups around the nation; education systems, large businesses, small businesses, teams and more.  Contact us to create a tribe that will help your business grow and thrive. 


Phone: 720-275-9588

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