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I am Ready to Grow

Paint Pots and Brush

Your life is a blank canvas

The brush is in your hand

What masterpiece will you create?

There are 2 different ways you can join the journey. 

Dive in with the Complete Experience or join the Journey Phase by Phase!  

The Complete Journey

It's time to take action and put yourself on the priority list.  It's time to choose to do something for yourself.  It's time to become the greatest version of yourself and discover joy, peace and presence in ALL of the situations that life throws your way.   It's time to choose happy.

The Journey consists of 3 different phases.  Each one opening up new areas of your life.  Learning tools, clearing space, discovering our most alive self and creating a dream world that becomes your reality.

Most women dive into the Journey knowing that they want to "get to the other side" as we call it.  To have the full experience and coaching 'til the end.  This is "The Complete Journey".  When you commit to all phases there are many benefits.  Not only do you save $100, but you will have lifetime access to the group, the lessons, the live coaching calls and the tribe.  You can move through each lesson completely at your own pace or revisit previous phases and lessons when you need.  At times, life hits us and knocks us down a notch and we have to go back and review the basics.  This ability to do this is very powerful. 

Tools to Cope and Thrive
Clear Space and Discover
Your Dream Life Comes to Life

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Phase by Phase

Other women prefer to register one phase at a time.  They may even repeat a phase over and over to reiterate and grow their skillsets in the lessons they learn.  It is not uncommon to repeat phases multiple times.  

This is the "Phase by Phase Experience'.  This package gives you access to the phase you are currently in and any previous phases.  Your access lasts for the 4 month duration of the cycle that you register for.  After the cycle has ended, you can choose to repeat the phase for only $99 or move on to the next phase. 



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More Purpose

More Confidence

More Presence

More Uplifting Relationships

More Peace

More Happiness That Isn't Contingent on Things Going Perfectly

Here's how you'll be supported


Video Lessons

When you sign up for I AM Journey you receive weekly video lessons that give you tools to help you reach your ultimate potential and activities that help put your desires into action. We take out the guesswork to make your personal growth journey accessible and fun!


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Monthly Hot Seat Coaching

Each month we have a national live zoom call with live hot seat coaching for I AM Journey members!

Weekly Coaching Emails

Between each monthly call, we help you stay consistent with weekly emails/text that offer inspiration and actions you can use to transform your life. There are hours and hours of content on the site, along with activities and supplemental reading opportunities to help you manifest the life of your dreams!

Private Facebook Group

All I AM Journey members get exclusive access to our private Facebook group. This is a place that is all about support, collaboration, and sharing light and love! 

Personalized Welcome Support

Once you register you will receive a welcome email and have the opportunity to schedule your Welcome session with an I AM Journey coach. This call is designed to assist you in navigating through the lessons on our site, provide individualized support, and answer any questions you might have! 

How The Program Works

I AM: Journey has been developed so that it can fit into your lifestyle, regardless of how busy or overwhelmed you feel.  If you are making excuses as to why you don't have the time, money, or worthiness to do this program, it's exactly why you should join. 


This program WILL fit into your life.  You will pick and choose the features of the program and have the leniency to work at your own pace and go back to previous lessons.  You have 3 months to work the 10 lessons.  Everything is optional; we all transform in our unique manner - so you will pick and choose what makes sense for you.  

  • 10 Video Lessons 

  • Worksheets and Guidance

  • Optional Crafts to Bring the Lesson to your family

  • Monthly Live Zoom Coaching

  • Private Support Group and Tribe 

  • Suggested Reading List

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Join the Journey!



Phase by Phase




for phase 1 

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The Complete Journey



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