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May - August


Zoom, FB Messenger, FB Group and Website

I AM: Discovering - Phase 2 May 2022

This is the second phase of our program where you will continue to work on the skills you learned in phase 1, but more importantly we will start to really get to know ourselves and take control of our life while clearing the needed space for your final phase!

I AM: Discovering - Phase 2 May 2022
I AM: Discovering - Phase 2 May 2022

Time & Location

May - August

Zoom, FB Messenger, FB Group and Website


About the Event

The second phase of the I AM: Journey is where we start to really have some fun!!  In the first phase we went through the initial steps of awareness.  We opened doors and had realizations of how we are currently showing up to and handling life.  We also learned the basic tools for coping with challenges in order to move through to our desires.

Now it is time for introspection and discovery.  WHO ARE WE REALLY?  What are our true desires?  What makes us tick and what is our life really about?   What do we need to release and get over in order to move forward?  How are the different relationships in our lives affecting us?  

Each lesson we will continue to dive into different areas that will clear space, all the while evaluating what could be next!  We will start to explore the possibilities of what COULD be if we DECIDE for it to be in our life.  

The Phase includes 10 online lessons you do at your own pace in the three month program.  Unlike almost any program out there, you will also get to meet up with the zoom leaders monthly for live coaching

You will have the choice to do The Journey entirely on your own, at your own pace, or you have the option to open up new relationships and discover a new uplifting and supportive tribe of women!  We have been blown away by the deep and genuine relationships that have formed through this I AM: Journey!  They choose to meet in person or via zoom on a regular basis!

Finally, each lesson also envolopes a crafting or project opportunity.  These are extremely fun ways to reiterate and dive into the lesson further.... NOT TO MENTION, the ladies are having fun coming together to do their projects!

Welcome to I AM: Journey Phase 2!!!  We are extremely excited to guide you on the second phase of your journey!!


  • I AM: Discovering Phase 2

    This is for the Phase 2 only of the I AM: Journey program - I AM: Discovering!

  • Repeat Phase 2

    This option is only available for repeat Phase 2 women only! Sometimes we need to reinforce the lessons! Welcome back to Phase 2 only of the I AM: Journey program - I AM: Discovering!




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