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The Complete Journey & Elite Experience

The Complete Journey & Elite Experience

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Starts January - Lifetime Member
Private Portal, Zoom and FB Group

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Dive in with the "Complete Journey" and commit to your growth!!  This will include all three phases, lessons and meetings!  It is an ENTIRE YEAR of growth.

When you commit to all phases there are many benefits.  Not only do you save $100, but you will have lifetime access to the group, the lessons, the live coaching calls and the tribe.  You can move through each lesson completely at your own pace or revisit previous phases and lessons when you need.  At times, life hits us and knocks us down a notch and we have to go back and review the basics.  This ability to do this is very powerful.

If you select The Elite Experience, you will recieve 12 personal coaching sessions over the year.  Four 60 minute sessions and eight 30 minute sessions.  This is intended for monthly communication and support.  

It will all start with the first phase of the I AM: Journey which is a complete eye opener.  We dive into life right away and start to assess where we are in this moment.  Where is our mindset... where is our languaging... where is our gratitude... where is our happiness... where is our joy... and how do we show up to life when the "not-so-good" life moments occur.  We become AWARE.  

We will be having women from all backgrounds and situations join our program.  There will be women in their 20s just starting their life journey... new mommas finding time for themselves...Empty nesters (or soon-to-be) figuring out how to navigate their quiet homes and retired women looking for support.  We also attract and help women who are going through large life transitions such as divorce, grieving, health challenges, career changes and even a complete overhaul on your social world that might no longer be serving you.  

This phase is meant to open up specific tools that you will you use FOREVER on your life adventure.  You will not master them... but you will start to realize their value!  We will help you reflect upon things like gratitude, daily focus, relationships and communication, the power of your word, the use of affirmations, owning your day and so much more!  You will find it amazing how these tools can help you show up to your ever moving and changing life with more happiness and confidence, despite the challenges you are presented

Phase 1 includes 10 online lessons you do at your own pace.  Unlike almost any program out there, you will also get to meet up with the program leaders for live coaching monthly.   

When you are ready, you will move to Phase 2 where we clear space and get quiet in order to really discover what makes us fulfilled.  When we let go of the noise, a whole new world appears!  You willl walk through lessons on self love and worthiness, assess your tribe and influencers, let go of negative feelings and harbored anger, find your courage to try new things, and so much more!  

Just like Phase 1, Phase 2 includes 10 lessons, group support, monthly meet ups and craft optsions!

Finally you will have access to Phase 3 - Creation!  This is an amazing never ending opportunity for growth!  As you start to explore your passions you will find yourself wanting to take action to create your dream life.  This could be changing careers, designing your living space, mending or building new relationships, starting a business, getting your health under control or so much more!!  This phase is uniqe because there are 5 core lessons for successfully creating but then there is an evolving library of lessons based on our women and their needs from manifesting to empty nesting, to facing fears and so much more! 

You will have the choice to do The Journey entirely on your own, at your own pace, or you have the option to open up new relationships and discover a new uplifting and supportive tribe of women!  We have been blown away by the deep and genuine relationships that have formed through this I AM: Journey!  They choose to meet in person or via zoom on a regular basis!

Finally, each lesson also envolopes a crafting or project opportunity.  These are extremely fun ways to reiterate and dive into the lesson further.... NOT TO MENTION, the ladies are having fun  coming together to do their optional projects!     

Welcome to The Journey!!  We are extremely excited to see what unfolds for you!!

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