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I AM Journey Taught Me That it Was Okay to Take Time For Myself!

This incredible lady has come so far on her I AM Journey and we couldn’t be more proud of her! We are even more excited to see what transformations will take over this next few months!

I love what she has to say about her experience in Phase 1!

I AM Journey taught me that it was okay to take time for myself. Work on myself. Put myself first, which my famliy has been telling me to do for quite a while now!
I just always had the fear that everything would fall apart if I did it take time for myself. Well guess what...I did take the time for myself with the I AM Journey and absolutely loved it and all the wonderful women I have met along the way!
I have so many positive thing about this journey I could go on for days. One of the most exciting things my family says that I am a MUCH better human when I take time for myself! I am embracing the journey and excited for what’s to come!

I am so proud of you and am so thrilled to watch you go through this journey! We are going to have an amazing Phase 2! Congratulations on joining beautiful lady! Cheers to round 2!

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