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Life Has Thrown You a Curve Ball...Time to Make Your Move

Wow.... just wow.

Isn't the world fascinating. Isn't it interesting how there are so many twists and turns and ups and downs and detours and mountains and surprises and celebrations!??? It's never a straight line... and it's NEVER A SIMPLE JOURNEY.

This became incredibly obvious over the first course of Phase 1: Discovery. Kristi and I were thrown so many curve balls...that I WOULD say it was surprising... but really... it wasn't. It was just life happening. And we were offered opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to GROW; to show up to a challenge and decide how we would face it. From broken leg bones, to a pregnancy, to unexpected illnesses, to more injured legs and broken ribs, to a life altering pandemic...just to name a few.

And that final one... THAT ONE... has been a doozy. FOR EVERYONE! So let's talk about it for a second.

Life has thrown you a curve, me, them, those guys over there... EVERYONE. It's not how we pictured it... It's not what we expected... and I am SURE it's not what any of us had intentionally mapped out as a part of our journey. But does any of that matter? doesn't. Because the fact is - here we are. In the middle of a new and crazy world. Maybe for a couple months or maybe for longer.


Here is your opportunity to choose.... which direction do you want to go? Do you want to head towards Anger and Resentment Avenue? Do you want to swing down Fear and Sadness Lane? Or do you want to shift on over to Gratitude and Discovery Street?

We hope that you realize YOU have the choice. And you are indeed choosing this very moment.

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