• Caley Carroll

I get told daily how much happier I am and look; that’s because I am!

Eliza joined I AM: Journey because she was intrigued by what it might offer. She didn't really understand what it was all about until she dove in to the lesson. Now her life is transformed and we are just getting started.

Being a new mom I felt lost, all my time was being consumed and I couldn’t figure out why. I AM: Journey taught me so much about how to find myself again. I found ways to incorporate time for me, asking for help when I needed it and learning to getting my feelings out instead of keeping it all bottled out.

Doing these things helped me mentally and physically become a better wife and mom, and I get told daily how much happier I am and look; that’s because I am! This group has done so much for me, I have met so many amazing women, the support that you get from every single person is absolutely amazing and I could be more thankful for the experiences I have gotten from it! I have become happier and healthier mentally and physically!

We also want to congratulate Miss Eliza on her pregnancy with baby #2!! You are about to be an even more full momma bear and we look forward to continuing this journey with you!!

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