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In I AM: Journey - You May Find What You're Not Even Looking For

When you choose to join the journey, you might not know what you want at all... or you might have an idea of what you think you might find through the process. What knocks people aback is when they discover something they had no intention of finding. When a lesson sneaks in and alters your life in ways you couldn't have possibly seen coming. Christine experience exactly that...

When I started on my I AM: Journey, I chose MINDSET as my one word. When I thought of mindset it was about health, finances, career growth, and finding who I AM. I never thought that spirituality would have crept back into my life ever so quietly. It is the tools I’ve learned thus far within the I AM: Journey program, that I am so grateful to have found happiness within.

While I AM: Journey isn't religious based, each woman will find her opportunity to dive deeper into her connection with EVERYTHING... We each have our beliefs. What if your beliefs could come even more more clear and connected.

Another amazing result from I AM: Journey - phase 1.

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