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From glass half empty to half full in just a few months!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

One women's journey from struggling with negativity and unhappiness to being confident and happy......

How many of you have ever struggled with negativity, self motivation, confidence or just lain happiness? I know that there are probably more of us than not...that is for sure! This beautiful lady was on that exact path, really struggling with so much in her life.

We were so grateful to have her start her journey with us, as we were sure hoping that it would give her the strength to change the way she was thinking and move to towards what she was really looking for! When she started this journey she was looking for motivation, how to be more grateful and to learn how to manifest the life she truly wanted.

"To find self motivation. To learn how to manifest what I want and need in my life. To learn to live in Gratitude."

After a journey of just 3 short months, Nicole started becoming aware of how much her thoughts had affected where her life had been going....that is when she began to shift! Now...she is still learning and adjusting to her new ways of thinking, but the success she has seen already motivates her to continue to learn on this journey!

We are so excited for her to share her story with us...what an amazing journey it has been! This is straight from Nichole herself!

"Before I joined I AM, I was a negative person. And I don't mean I was mean or unhappy, just that I never saw the bright side of situations ,and I always focused on the worst. I was the half empty instead of half full person, and I didn't really realize how bad it was until I started this program. I have learned how to focus on the good even in the hard times. I have learned how to approach situations with a more open mind and a grateful heart. I believe in myself more now than I ever have before, and I see the results through the success in my business, and my personal relationships at home. I am doing more now than I ever have before and I am no longer scared or worried. I just do it! "
I never could have imagined how my life would change by joining I am Journey. Digging deep and finding your true purpose and happiness is the greatest feeling ever. Finding and knowing your worth is exhilarating and once you discover that you will never settle for less again!

Cheers to you beautiful lady and congratulations on your growth!

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