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It Helped Prove To Myself That I Do Have Time For Me Everyday!

We were so excited to have this lady joining our program! We loved watching her grow throughout each lesson and are so excited to see where this next journey takes her!

Throughout our Programs we continue to teach that YOU are the most important person in YOUR life, and you must always pit your oxygen mask on first, or else you will not be able to help others! It is such an important lesson, and one that Jill was able to tackle head on! We are so proud of her!

We also discuss the importance of the Four Agreements, which is a vital lesson in life. A lesson that every person should learn early on in life! I love that Jill enjoyed that lesson so much, and you can truly see a difference in her daily life from using that lesson!

This is what she has to say about her journey with us this far!

The Miracle Morning really helped me and changed how I do my morning completely. It helped me prove to myself that I do have time in my day for me. It also helped me make sure I start every day with exercise, affirmations, journaling, and reading.

The Four Agreements were a tremendous part of my growth. I needed to hear all those things. Especially to know that it’s not about me, and not to take things personally. Which helped me realize who is really important in my life, and who I should spend the little extra free time I have with.

Overall, I feel and hope that I am able to work through hard obstacles more effectively, especially during COVID. I want to continue to work harder to find the positive in things, even when it’s really hard to do that.

Jill congratulations on the first phase and cheers to you on continuing to put yourself first and join the second phase! We love you lady and are excited to see where this phase takes you!

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