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My Desire to Help Other Includes Knowing Who I Am

Each result of I AM: Journey is unique and beautiful. Thank you Lesha for sharing your story:

“I started the journey to learn about myself and figure out how I fit into the world. To my surprise that is exactly what is happening! I am a people pleaser who purposely didn't spend much time thinking about myself, my beliefs, or values. I knew honesty, integrity, understanding and working hard were mine so what else did I need.

My values haven't changed but instead of focusing those values on others I am looking inward. This has been so difficult! I got very angry about everything. I was upset with myself, because I had believed I was so in tune with myself and with everyone/everything because no one had shown or taught me these things and I felt like people were taking advantage of me. This continued for months - I read books, meditated, and hung out with family and friends but never talked about it. 

My turning point came when I decided to read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. The book helped me understand that the way I was feeling wasn't bad, but it was part of my growth. That validation and insight helped me work through the issues holding me back. The changes that had been happening through the I AM: Journey were now able to be fully embraced. 

My life isn't perfect by any means, but I am better able to recognize my own needs and others needs. I feel strong in my mind and committed to not losing me again. I realize that my desire to help others includes knowing who I am. Life has thrown some additional curve balls this year but armed with the tools I have learned i have been able to hit them out of the park. 

Lesha we are so proud of you for your tenacity in pursuing your growth. The process offers challenges and personal confrontation, but you took ownership of your journey and are growing every day!!! Congratulations! Can’t wait for phase 2!

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