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Learn to embrace your past, have gratitude for the lessons, and move on.

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The beauty of life is being able to learn from the hard moments, enjoy the precious moments, and always know that there is a rainbow at the end of every storm!

Sometimes we are searching for that perfect friend or group of friends, that can inspire us to become better, help us to dream and push us to create and reach our goals. That is one of the reasons that Kim had decided to join our I Am Journey program.

"I joined I AM because I need help focusing on my vision and purpose in life. I need structure outside of having a full time job. I feel as though I am just here, and not paying any attention to my dreams, physical or mental health. I would like to know how it feels to be successful rather than content or mediocre. I know I need to feel more gratitude in my life, or learn how to accept more gratitude. I want to set goals and stick to them and not put them aside because I fear success."

Creating goals, speaking them out loud and then pursuing them can be so damn scary! That is where we find the beauty in this group of women on this journey. We are able to lift one another up, share our strengths and our weaknesses, become vulnerable, and get through the pain

"Before I started this program I was ashamed of my past aka death of a spouse, craziness that followed, death of grand babies, etc. I am learning to embrace my past, talk about it and actually feel that I AM WORTHY OF LOVE AND HAPPINESS 💙💜 (Blue heart for Grayson James and Purple Heart for Gary IV)."

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