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PHASE 1 - I am: aware

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NEW If you are new to I AM: Journey, you will register for Phase 1 -  I AM: Aware.  This will provide you the tools you need to not only survive this thing called life, but to THRIVE.  Phase 1 only kicks off 3 times a year (in January, May and September), so commit now. 


PS - there is never a perfect time to start your journey, so stop making excuses. If you are going through serious life right now (grief, loss, busyness, financial challenges, divorce, confusion) then you need the tools this program offers NOW!  If you are rocking at life and everything is amazing right now, your journey will help to elevate and accelerate your results as well as to equip you for when life gets challenging.   

REGISTER now and start to create your epic adventure!  We will grow from infinitesimal to infinite TOGETHER!

  • I AM: Aware - Phase 1 May 2021 Extended
    Wed, Jun 09
    ZOOM, Website, FB Messenger and FB Group
    Welcome to the 1st Phase of your Journey - the phase of awareness. How are you showing up to life? How are you reacting when hard life shows up to YOU? Life offers opportunities AND challenges; either way - I AM: Journey is here to support you in getting to the other side.

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PHASE 2 - I am: discovering

PHASE 3 - I am: creating

  • I AM: Creating - Phase 3 May 2021 Extended
    Wed, Jun 09
    Zoom, Web, Facebook Messenger and FB Group
    Welcome to the 3rd Phase of your Journey - Creation. We are ALWAYS creating...the question is WHAT are we creating and are we creating with INTENTION! This phase will help you identify the control you have to create your dream life!
  • I AM: Discovering - Phase 2 May 2021 Extended
    Wed, Jun 09
    Zoom, FB Messenger, FB Group and Website
    This is the second phase of our program where you will continue to work on the skills you learned in phase 1, but more importantly we will start to really get to know ourselves and take control of our life while clearing the needed space for your final phase!

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Welcome to I AM: Journey.  This is a completely unique process developed to inspire you to find your inner queen.  The woman you were meant to be at your highest of all heights.   We combine a unique set of strategies to push you out of your comfort zone and develop the realization for where you currently are and where you want to be. 


Buckle your seat belts ladies - we are about to laugh, cry, eat, drink, dig, discover, create and relate....

all while processing some emotional shit.  

Still wondering if this is for you?  It's kind of confusing isn't it.... If you don't know Kristi & Caley (haven't participated in any of their other business.... haven't watched their goofy live FB videos... haven't been to one of their retreats), you might still feel a little lost on what they actually do and WHY THEM and WHY THIS!?


So here is what you need to know: We make your life transformation fun.... exciting... manageable and full of laughter.  Maybe you have heard of a 'life coach' and maybe you haven't.  Neither here nor there to us, but explore this:  


Think about it.... you have a coach or teacher for all of the things you want to excel at.  In school, you had teachers;  If you were an athlete, you had a coach;  If you learned a trade, you had a teacher.  But what about wanting to excel IN LIFE.  What about creating that ULTIMATE VISION of a FULFILLED LIFE and making it come true!  And what about finding mentors who don't throw limitations and restrictions your way... who instead lift you up and help you truly discover what is possible!

We have each invested 1000s of dollars in our personal growth and journey with coaches galore.  We have learned so much through our mentors but even more importantly, through our experiences and the ways in which we practiced the tools we have been given.  Now we want to share with each of you - the tools that will make your life not only enjoyable... but an epic adventure!




iif you haven't already registered... Let's talk about why



Ok first of all... the answer is YES.  You might be one of those women who have fallen in the trap of buying and doing everything for everyone ELSE.  You come last.  You may think that is one of your best qualities.... but here is the deal - if you deny yourself the opportunity to become your greatest YOU... you are also denying EVERYONE in your life the greatest you.  What if you could be more patient... more loving.... what if you could teach better communication skills.  What if you could be the role model of your family showing the value of living your passion? 


I don't know about you ladies... but I don't want my children to take the passenger seat in their own life journeys.... I want them to confidently take the drivers seat in their success, relationships, self worth and I want them to be not just happy.... but to be EXUBERANT! 


So the answer is YES - you are worth it.  But let's dive in a little further.  If you have never researched these things.... you may not initially understand the cost and value.  No problem!  That is what we are her for!  To help and direct you!


 If you have ever experienced life coaching, you know it is a major investment and commitment.