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I am Ready to Grow

Paint Pots and Brush

Your life is a blank canvas

The brush is in your hand

What masterpiece will you create?

There are 3 different ways you can join the journey.  Dive in with the personalized complete life coaching of the Elite Experience.  Commit to your growth with the Complete Journey.  Or journey through Phase by Phase!  

Look at the details below and then TAKE ACTION!! This is YOUR year!

Colorful Abstract Painting

The Complete Journey

It's time to take action and put yourself on the priority list.  It's time to choose to do something for yourself.  It's time to become the greatest version of yourself and discover joy, peace and presence in ALL of the situations that life throws your way.   It's time to choose happy.

The Journey consists of 3 different phases.  Each one opening up new areas of your life.  Learning tools, clearing space, discovering our most alive self and creating a dream world that becomes your reality.

Most women dive into the Journey knowing that they want to "get to the other side" as we call it.  To have the full experience and coaching 'til the end.  This is "The Complete Journey".  When you commit to all phases there are many benefits.  Not only do you save $100, but you will have lifetime access to the group, the lessons, the live coaching calls and the tribe.  You can move through each lesson completely at your own pace or revisit previous phases and lessons when you need.  At times, life hits us and knocks us down a notch and we have to go back and review the basics.  This ability to do this is very powerful. 

Tools to Cope and Thrive
Clear Space and Discover
Your Dream Life Comes to Life

The Elite Experience

If you are seeking a personalized life coaching experience with individual attention, this experience is for you.  In addition to everything that is included in the Complete Journey, the 'Elite Experience' includes 12 one-on-one coaching sessions that will provide you with continous guidance and support as you step into your greatest self and dream life!

Phase by Phase

Other women prefer to register one phase at a time.  They may even repeat a phase over and over to reiterate and grow their skillsets in the lessons they learn.  It is not uncommon to repeat phases multiple times.  

This is the "Phase by Phase Experience'.  This package gives you access to the phase you are currently in and any previous phases.  Your access lasts for the 4 month duration of the cycle that you register for.  After the cycle has ended, you can choose to repeat the phase for only $99 or move on to the next phase. 



Personal Coaching Sessions

Along your journey, you may want to have personal sessions outside of the scope of our monthly group coaching and support.  We have different packages to support you with one on one zoom meetings.  

It's time to experience life with

More Purpose

More Confidence

More Presence

More Uplifting Relationships

More Peace

More Happiness That Isn't Contingent on Things Going Perfectly

Ok first of all... the answer is YES.  You might be one of those women who have fallen in the trap of buying and doing everything for everyone ELSE.  You come last.  You may think that is one of your best qualities.... but here is the deal - if you deny yourself the opportunity to become your greatest YOU... you are also denying EVERYONE in your life the greatest you.  What if you could be more patient... more loving.... what if you could teach better communication skills.  What if you could be the role model of your family showing the value of living your passion? 


I don't know about you ladies... but I don't want my children to take the passenger seat in their own life journeys.... I want them to confidently take the drivers seat in their success, relationships, self worth and I want them to be not just happy.... but to be EXUBERANT! 


So the answer is YES - you are worth it.  But let's dive in a little further.  If you have never researched these things.... you may not initially understand the cost and value.  No problem!  That is what we are her for!  To help and direct you!


 If you have ever experienced life coaching, you know it is a major investment and commitment. 

Most life coaches working with individuals charge about $200 to $1,000 per month for weekly or bi-monthly calls lasting 30 to 60 minutes. Executive coaches charge more and typically work with their clients for two hours a month. It all works out to about $100 to $300 per hour.


The I AM: Journey program made the decision to price ourselves far below market because we don't want to restrict who gets to participate.  We don't think this opportunity should only be for a certain demographic.  YOU ALL deserve an Epic Adventure of a life!   So we decided to do something amazing....each lesson of the program is less than a trip to McDonald's... and much healthier too  😂  Only about $15 per lesson!


This I AM: Journey will hours of coaching, live group lessons, community building, relationship development, personal expression, discovery, and creation... a program like that SHOULD COST $4200... not with us!  And that is for EACH PHASE!

Our mission is to reach the masses.  EVERYONE needs help - not just the people who can afford a $4200 program. 

Am I really worth the investment

The Money

Welcome to I AM: Journey.  This is a completely unique process developed to inspire you to find your inner queen.  The woman you were meant to be at your highest of all heights.   We combine a unique set of strategies to push you out of your comfort zone and develop the realization for where you currently are and where you want to be. 


Buckle your seat belts ladies - we are about to laugh, cry, eat, drink, dig, discover, create and relate....

all while processing some emotional shit.  

Still wondering if this is for you?  It's kind of confusing isn't it.... If you don't know Kristi & Caley (haven't participated in any of their other business.... haven't watched their goofy live FB videos... haven't been to one of their retreats), you might still feel a little lost on what they actually do and WHY THEM and WHY THIS!?


So here is what you need to know: We make your life transformation fun.... exciting... manageable and full of laughter.  Maybe you have heard of a 'life coach' and maybe you haven't.  Neither here nor there to us, but explore this:  


Think about it.... you have a coach or teacher for all of the things you want to excel at.  In school, you had teachers;  If you were an athlete, you had a coach;  If you learned a trade, you had a teacher.  But what about wanting to excel IN LIFE.  What about creating that ULTIMATE VISION of a FULFILLED LIFE and making it come true!  And what about finding mentors who don't throw limitations and restrictions your way... who instead lift you up and help you truly discover what is possible!

We have each invested 1000s of dollars in our personal growth and journey with coaches galore.  We have learned so much through our mentors but even more importantly, through our experiences and the ways in which we practiced the tools we have been given.  Now we want to share with each of you - the tools that will make your life not only enjoyable... but an epic adventure!




iif you haven't already registered... Let's talk about why

Need a little more content?

Here's more info for those of you who love to read

Do I really have enough time to do this program?

The Time

Oh man... this program sounds pretty cool but I am BUSY!!  I am a mom, I work, I take care of the house, I am carpool queen.... seriously... do I have time for this!???

Here is the moment when we let you know that you invest your time.... you don't spend your time.  You get to chose how you spend your minutes by the obligations and lifestyle you chose.  And it's important to own those decisions.  Because those decisions are molding your life  

So first off - it's important to invest minutes into YOU.  


But more importantly, we want you to know that your journey is YOUR JOURNEY and you can invest as little or as much time as you want.  The fact is that if you just take the time to listen to each of the 60 minute lessons when it works for YOU (recorded to hear at your convenience), your eyes and heart will be open to some new information that will change how you think.  After you listen to the lesson, you can choose how long you need to dive into that lesson.  One lesson might be intuitive for you and you are ready to move on in days.  Others might take a couple weeks.  And here is the thing... the first phase is going to provide you with tools that you will come back to over and over and over again in life. You can utilize our private facebook tribe to interact, develop and grow.  


In addition, we will have live meetings on the first Wednesday of each month from 6-7pm MST.  And while we hope you can make, if you can't, it will be ok.  Your growth will be a result of the lesson and your devotion to practicing it in every day life.  


After you learn the lesson you get to choose how you want to practice.  You get to choose if you want to interact in an online or local tribe.  You get to choose how much time you spend practicing the lesson.  This is a JOURNEY and it isn't going to be something within you that changes instantly.  Instead it's going to be something that you progressively work on through life until it's just a part of you!  


So our suggestion is to look at it like this.... WHY NOT!?  Why not finally put yourself out there and try something new.  See what happens!  You can take a lifetime to practice and open up the doors to your epic adventure!  

Upcoming Workshops

Candle Energy Workshop
Candle Energy Workshop
May 12, 2022, 5:00 PM
We are so excited to announce that one of Kristi and Caley's personal coaches - Nikki - will be coming to share some of her incredible skill sets with us!! She has been running energy candle making experiences for awhile and as offered to bring one TO US!!
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