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The retreat

Tell me all about it

in person

gathering of amazing women

coming together to learn and grow



Building relationships



Crafts and creations



Join us for the entire weekend for the full experience where each lesson builds upon one another. 


Friday 5:30 - 9pm - Getting Messy   

Sat 8:30am - 12Pm - Peaceful vision

Sat 2 - 5:30pm - Finding focus

Sat 6 - 9pm - Journey SandBar Party!!

For Journey Members only


Pick and choose which works for you

A La Carte

Friday 5:30 - 9pm - Getting Messy   

Sat 8:30am - 12Pm - Peaceful vision



Sat 2 - 5:30pm - Finding focus


Sat 6 - 9pm - Journey SandBar Party!!


For Journey Members only

Pre-teen and teenagers encouraged $25 first child/ $10 each additional

  • build relationship with I AM: Leaders

  • Develop relationships with other powerful and supportive women

  • Help our women discover the beauty in their current life

  • Help our women discover the possibilities for their future life

  • Bring our children into our lessons and discovery

  • Help our children develop forward friendships 

  • help you Identify your purpose, passions, goals, and dreams 

The retreat has been designed to:


The I AM: Journey program has had incredible success in helping women turn their lives and their "story" into the dream they didn't even know was possible.  Now it is time to COME TOGETHER to develop relationships, deepen our learning and invite friends to start understand their potential 


THE RETREAT is a 3 part experience.  Join the COMPLETE RETREAT or join them Al A Carte.  Do what works FOR YOU!   

I am journey retreat - life is messy and


MAY 30TH 5:30pm - 9pm

Friday evening we are going to be diving into our messy but beautiful lives.  Through some very fun activities (that will be BRIGHT and will get a little messy)  we will envelop ourselves in gratitude.  You will go home with multiple "creations" and the reality of what IS and what COULD BE in your life!  

Pre teens and teens are encouraged.  1st child is $25/ $10 for each additional

$57 A La Carte

I am journey retreat - writing your stor


MAY 1ST 8:30am - NOON

Saturday morning will be peaceful and full of vision!  We will start of with a healthy breakfast, stretches and breath work.  Then we will open our eyes to the possibilities of what we want to create in our lives and develop some different vision tools that will help you make your dreams come true! 

Pre teens and teens are encouraged.  1st child is $25/ $10 for each additional

$57 A La Carte

I am journey retreat - finding your focu


MAY 1ST  2pm - 5:30pm

Saturday afternoon will be spent developing our focus so we are able to successfully stay on track and literally alter the course of our lives in an amazing way.  "Where your focus goes, so will your life."  We will be creating jewelry and/or other projects that will help us stay on track after we leave this incredible event!

Pre teens and teens are encouraged.  1st child is $25/ $10 for each additional

$57 A La Carte


You have the ​option of joining individual workshops OR the Complete Retreat.  As you can see, there is progression from workshop to workshop.  We will build throughout the weekend. On Friday night we will start by accepting and loving what is, but we will walk away knowing their is a blank canvas in our hands.  Saturday morning we will be creating the possibilities of the new picture or story we can create - rediscovering our dreams.  Finally Saturday afternoon will be the moment when we pull it all together and find the focus we need for lasting success and growth in our lives!  If possible, we encourage you to join the Complete Retreat (and enjoy the discounted price)!



Limited Space Available



Wood fire pizza



BONUS!!  We would like to invite any of our current I AM: Journey women (those who are just signing up or those who have been through previous phases) to join us for a bonfire at the sand bar!  This is 100% a social hour and function.  Enjoy wood fire pizza, cocktails and wine, s'mores by the fire... and of course music and laughter with some pretty bad ass women stepping into their greatness!!  

A La Carte

Not Signed Up for The Journey Yet??

Check out what you are missing out on:

Phase 1

The first phase of the program is all about taking an inventory.  Where are we really standing in our lives at this moment?  Are we aware and present?  Do we have focus and drive?  How do we show up for others?  What is our languaging and love like?  Do we have any idea of our true dreams and passions and if so, what are we currently doing to pursue them?  

You will walk out of the first phase feeling like you finally have an idea of where you truly are and possibly of where you want to go!  

I AM: Aware

Phase 2

I AM: Discovering

After you become aware of where you are in your life.... we can start to discover where we WANT to go.  We dive deeper into more subjects and work discovering what our true and most desired path is!  How do we treat ourselves?  How are we showing up for life and to the loved ones around us? 

It's time to start discovering who we are and where we want to go.  Not based off of what others think and do... but instead based off of our true inner desires! 

Phase 3

I AM: creating

The final phase of I AM: Journey is where we start to truly write the story we have always envisioned for our life.  "The Dream Life"  awaits you.  Phase 2 helps us clear and declutter our minds so that we create space  and can discover our most important direction and goals.  Phase 1 armed us with the tools to be able to survive and thrive through life challenges.  With these abilities under our belt; we are ready to CREATE!

Phase 3 will help us identify our first dream  or dreams to pursue and then we literally MAKE THEM HAPPEN.  

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

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