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Workshops & Retreats

Join us for our workshops & retreats whether you have been through a phase or not!!  You will see that we have a cohesive workshop for each phase of I AM: Journey which is perfect for reinforcing what you have learned or what you are about to learn while getting to know other tribes and fellow ambitious women!  It is an incredible place to build a community of like minded people. 

You will also see that in addition we have specialty workshops that cater to different specific situations!!  Throughout our program we recognize how we not only are providing this program to help each of you become your BEST YOU.... but when you show up to life differently, you show up for your children differently.  We have already taken notice to how our mommas and littles are starting to communicate differently bringing more joy and fulfillment.  


Check out some of the Workshop descriptions to see what makes sense in YOUR life!    

Candle Energy Workshop
Candle Energy Workshop
May 12, 2022, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
14683 Cherry St, Brighton, CO 80602, USA

The workshops are fun... but the Journey is where it is at... Join Phase 1 to start exploring your happiness and possibilities.

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