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Welcome to the journey. It is no mistake you arrived on this site.  We believe if you are here - there is a reason. 

So listen up...


From surviving to thriving

a trek from infinitesimal to infinite


Equipping you with the tools to overcome any obstacle and go 


What's missing in your life?  Do you ever feel like there is more to experience?  


  • more Happiness

  • more Fulfillment

  • more Confidence

  • More Positive relationships

  • More Direction

  • More Success


Or are you merely in survival mode? Does life feel like it's caving in on you and you can barely catch a breath.

catch a breath

  • Grief

  • Divorce

  • job loss

  • financial hardships

  • anxiety & Depression

  • Empty Nesting

  • Life Change

  • Health Issues 

We get one shot at this thing called life.... we might as well make it an epic adventure.  



The Program

Welcome to I AM: Journey.  This is a completely unique process developed to inspire you to find your inner queen.  The woman you were meant to be at your highest of all heights.   We combine a unique set of strategies to push you out of your comfort zone and develop the realization of where you currently are and where you want to be. 


Buckle your seat belts ladies - we are about to laugh, cry, eat, drink, dig, discover, create, and relate...

all while processing some emotional shit 

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About us

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Kristi Hurley

Owner of Giggling Life, BA in Psychology, Masters in Education, Certified Training in Life Coaching/Law of Attraction Practitioner/Belief Clearing Practitioner, Equine Assisted Coaching Certificate, Mom



Often - you have to go through some "stuff" in life to learn and grow.  There is something special about all of those moments.. that may not appear to be special at the time.  When life presents obstacles, you get to make the decision of how to react.  Do you retreat and give up hope?  Do you give in and concede?  Or do you rise up to the challenge and learn and grow.  Kristi's stories will blow you away as you learn more about her throughout the journey.  She has face more "life" than most can possibly imagine!  But Kristi CHOOSES to OVERCOME!  

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Caley Carroll

Public Speaker, Owner ProjectMe™ & RightFitt, #GMS host, Certified Personal Trainer, BSBA Summa Cum Laude University of Denver Nutrition Advisor, Mom, Athlete, Multiple Improvement Programs Completed


If your leaders can't be authentic, how can we expect you to get REAL with US?  Caley prides herself on her wacky corky truth.  "You get what you et and you don't throw a fit."  Caley has seen her share of challenges in her life.  Her husband and her lost their financial brokerage company and real estate business in 2008 along with multiple properties.  They then built their life back up from nothing, both pursuing their dreams and passions.  Has it been perfect - heck no - but is it their true authentic story - without a doubt!!  

Love challenges; Be intrigued by mistakes; Enjoy effort and Keep on Learning. 

Carol Dweck